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Total Joint Replacement

The most common Total Joint Replacements are Knee, Hip, and Shoulders, in that order.  In most cases these procedures are performed as an elective surgery provoked by arthritic pain, lack of range of motion and/or lack of overall function.  Fifteen years ago there were only a handful of these types of replacements seen by therapists. Today, with the advancements in hardware, surgical approaches and procedures, and rehabilitation these procedures are as common as any other surgery.  However, because replacement procedures are not performed via arthroscopy, you can expect a bit of a slower recovery.   Keep in mind that these surgeries involve not only skin disruption, but can involve muscle, tendon, and bone as well.  You can therefore anticipate a gradual recovery from your pain, range of motion, and finally strength.  Lastly, you can expect a joint which will allow you to return to your prior level of activities pain free and with more range of motion and function then you did previously. 

Last Updated Saturday, March 25, 2023 - 05:30 PM.