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Frequently Asked Questions?


I have a referral to Physical Therapy and/or will soon be needing therapy.  Can I chose to go to Jimenez Physical Therapy or do I have to go where my MD recommends or refers me to?

You most certainly can come to Jimenez Physical Therapy and we would be happy to have you! Your insurance in some instances may dictate where you go, however, we encourage you to be proactive and make the right choice for you.  You have your choice of Physical Therapy clinics just as you do filling any prescription your MD writes.  Many times your doctor may be more familer or have an interest in sending you somewhere in particular, however, we encourage you to ask about our name and facility.  We want you to make an informed choice, as you will undoubtably be spending quite some time at rehab (likely 1hr for 2-3x wk). Make sure you are comfortable with the facility and staff prior to  starting on your journey.   If our website is not enough to influence you, please drop by for a personal tour of our facility. 


What should I bring to my first therapy appointment?

Any medical records that will assist your therapist in understanding your condition are helpful.  This may include X-Ray or MRI reports, a surgery report, prescription or diagnosis given by your referring doctor, etc.  If you've printed and completed your intake forms from this website, please bring them with you to your first appointment.  This will speed up your registration process.  The intake forms are found under the section of "patient information" on this web site. 


What should I wear?   

 Wear something comfortable, yet exposes the condition for which you are being treated.  Shorts are appropriate for a knee as are tank tops or loose short sleeve shirts for a shoulder.  A changing room is provided for your convenience should you need to change into such clothing upon arrival.   Depending on your condition, it is very likely you will be asked to begin some type of stretching and/or movement on your first day.  Appropriate clothing that is non-revealing and allows you to "move freely" will be most conducive to achieving the goals of your visit.  Dresses, tight jeans or slacks, high heels or flip-flops are not advised.   


I just had surgery, am I ready to start therapy ?

In many instances your doctor wants therapy to begin ASAP.  It is imperative to begin early motion following surgery to avoid stiffness, inflammation, and scar tissue formation.  Research demonstrates the earlier motion begins following surgery, the less likely stiffness is to be a complication.  Your therapist understands the pain and discomfort you may be feeling following surgery, yet will only provide you the appropriate exercises/activities appropriate for your condition given the stage of your surgery post-operatively.   


I know my doctor referred me to therapy, but I am really sore/or in pain, should I still go ? 

Your therapist understands the pain and discomfort you may be feeling following surgery or injury, yet will only provide you the appropriate exercises/activities appropriate for your condition given the stage of your condition post-operatively or post-injury.  Please remember you are being referred to Physical Therapy to get better, not worse.  Your therapist is knowledgeable about time frames to heal and common recovery symptoms you are experiencing.  You should begin therapy as soon as you would like the healing process to begin.    


What will I be doing at therapy ?

On the first visit, you will be evaluated by your therapist and will begin treatment.  Treatment may include stretching and strengthening exercises, modalities of heat, ice, ultrasound, or infrared, manual therapy techniques, and most importantly education to you about your condition and what to avoid or do to help yourself. 


How long will my therapy sessions last ?  

We recommend allowing 90-120 minutes for your first therapy visit.  Subsequent visits average 90 minutes.  Should you need to leave early on a particular occasion, please let your therapist know upon your arrival.  This will allow your therapist to best plan his time with you for that treatment session. 


How many weeks or days will I be going to therapy?

Your doctor may have already outlined his recommendation for your Physical Therapy.  If not, your therapist will provide you a recommendation of frequency and duration upon assessing your condition during your first visit.   


Can I bring my kids to therapy ?  Is there daycare?

Our Physical Therapy office does not provide daycare.  A waiting room is provided for family members, but it is not recommended that children be left alone in our waiting room.  Children are not allowed to accompany you in the treatment areas during your visit.  It is highly advised and appreciated that childcare be arranged before attending therapy.


Can I use my cell phone or laptop computer during my therapy visit?

Your therapy session is attention to you given by your Physical Therapist to help you regain your function and achieve your goals.  Cell phones, computers, or other electronic devices are a distraction to your Physical Therapist as well as others being treated.  As a courtesy to all, we ask that such electronic devices be turned off and not used during your therapy visit(s). We have lockers which you can utilize during your visit to store these away.


If I have a co-payment or deductible, will I have to pay this?

Yes.  Co-payments are to be paid at the registration or arrival of each visit.  Overall costs can accumulate quickly and we strive to avoid creating a financial burden for you.  Therefore,  If you have not met your insurance plan deductible, it is requested and  advisable that you pay a portion of these estimated costs at each therapy visit. Our front office staff will thoroughly explain your financial responsibility upon registration for your first Physical Therapy visit.


Last Updated Sunday, March 03, 2024 - 06:38 AM.