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Arthro means joint and scopic refers to scope.  If you have or are going to have an arthroscopic surgery, you can expect to be left with tiny incisions from which the physician creates through the skin to enter the scope(s) into the joint.  Likely there will be 3-4 incisions created about the joint in these proceedures which heal very quickly.  Depending on the exact proceedures which were performed, your rehab regieme may very.  It is not a good idea to anticipate what your therapy will entail or how your rehab will progress until knowing what exaclty was performed by your physician.  With today's technology, there are a multitude of different surgeries which are being performed via arthroscopy, many of which entail different approaches for rehab.  Your therapist will answer any questions you have about any or all of these when you begin your rehab.

Last Updated Thursday, May 23, 2024 - 02:43 PM.